Welcome to FinTech Consulting Group!

March 9, 2018

Welcome to FinTech Consulting Group's Blog!


We are here to help you get started; from beginner's mode to a more advanced mode. We have been following this technology since 2013, and although that was only 5 years ago, it feels like decades. All the ups and downs, it has been a wild ride, but worthy of the cause. See industries are rarely created, however are often disrupted and since this massive boom of technology almost every industry has seen a massive change. Taxi's to Uber, Hotels to AirBnB, Retail to Amazon, and many others. Finance has been a sector that has seen very little change, however that is changing as you read this and we are hear to help you thrive in this new disruption and take advantage of it!



This site will be dedicated to helping you:

1) Learn about Blockchain and New Financial Technologies

2) Learn and/or hire us to help build or incorporate your business with Smart Contracts

3) Learn about mining and if your interested buy some miners yourself, and we can host them, or not.


We hope you dive into this technology and get involved if you can be as soon as possible. This opportunity will be like beyond worth it and it is your chance to get in at the ground level. As always Nothing on this site will be Financial Advice. We are all about sharing knowledge about technologies and empowering others to learn, grow, and become FREE!


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Brandon West

CEO of FinTech Consulting Group




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