DigiTix presented at Miami Blockchain Startup Series

September 19, 2018

Miami and South Florida is a rapidly growing in the Blockchain space!


With more events and projects launching, we were honored to be invited to speak at the Miami Blockchain Startup Series hosted by John P Riley and Michael Williamson. There were 200+ people who attended including people of varying industries; Real Estate, Cruising, Hospitality, Medical, Entertainment, Financial, and many more. People are really beginning to understand how Blockchain and DLT can really help their industry and take it to the next level. 


BIO:Brandon West
“Graduate of UF with a degree in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He began his career in Finance at Walt Disney World where he taught himself how to program which led to the development of many applications automating various business area tasks. He then went on to serve in an IT role at Royal Caribbean. He became an integral part of the project development and deployment of the new “Smart Ship” initiative. These projects included working internationally to build the largest and smartest ships in the world that sail the seas today. By building Finance and Technology skill sets, he has won multiple hackathons/startup events and naturally transitioned into crypto. He is now pursuing blockchain full-time as a smart contracts developer, consultant, and miner. His latest project is DigiTix, a digital tickets platform based on Ethereum. You may contact Brandon at FinTechConsultingGroup.com or DigiTix.io.”

BIO:Michel Triana
"Michel Triana, Founder & CEO of RealDAX, has been a real estate investor for the last 10+ years as well as a technologist. He had built enterprise software for fortune 500 companies and had been involved in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency space since about 2010 when it was just getting started. He brought his passion for both blockchain and real estate into his new company RealDAX, a predictive analytics investment platform for real estate agents and investors to find the very best deals in seconds. Now, RealDAX is on a mission to improve the real estate industry for all. Now, RealDax is on a mission to improve this industry with their elite team of real estate investors and technologist who have the skills to make it happen. We believe that everyone wants a good deal and RealDAX is the platform to help them do that faster."

BIO: Dr Figuereo - Stagewood
"Recognized with a Day on his name by the City of Miami for his long-standing dedication to community development and growth. Dr Figuereo has had a significant impact on the business and Entertainment community in Miami. Besides being an Internationally Recognized Neurosurgeon, he has lead enterprises with over 150 contributors. As a pianist himself and an avid Art collector (music and art), he has supported the advancement of the Entertainment community and the social wellbeing of its members in the city of Miami and internationally. His own ventures on the stage include hosting an entertaining TV Show, "Dr. Chago. Multiple academic degrees including a master’s in business administration at the University of Miami"













You can learn more about the project at DigiTix.io and feel free to test it out at DigiTix.io/dapp, requires Metamask on the Rinkeby Testnet settings.



We are also currently working with clients consulting and building Blockchain/DLT solutions, if you are interested, feel free to schedule time with us to discuss your needs. We can guide in the right direction and help you build out a Proof of Concept.




Brandon West





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